Residential Appliances

We service most major brands of appliances. Including washers, dryers, dishwashers, ranges & ovens, refrigerators, and freezers.

Fixes for All Issues Including:

• Dryers Not Heating or Starting
• Leaking Washers & Dishwashers
• Ranges & Ovens Not Lighting or Not Reaching Proper Temperatures
• Machines Not Working at All
• Machines Making Grinding Noises
• Washers Not Draining or Spinning Properly
• Lights Flashing on Dishwashers
• Refrigerators' Fans/Motors Making Noises
• Washers Filling While Turned off
• Machines Making Squeaking Noises
• Error Codes on Washers, Dryers, Dishwashers, Ranges, & Ovens
• Refrigerators Not Defrosting
• Washers Humming
• Washers Shaking or Stopping in Mid-Cycle
• Dishwashers' Soap Dispenser Not Opening
• Refrigerators Not Cooling
• Ice Makers Not Making Ice (No Water Supply)
• Gas Smells from Burners on Ranges or Ovens
• Parts Coming off of Appliances
• Lint Buildup in Dryers
• Dryers Making Noises While Tumbling
• Door Latch Issues
• Burning Smells from Appliances


Our Services

Instead of spending top-dollar to replace an appliance, call Witty Appliance Service. We'll have your appliance up and running in no time with our fast, convenient repairs for all types of problems.





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